Domain Redemption Period

If your domain has expired, you might have time to renew it without adding any extra fees. Please contact us as soon as possible to recover your expired domain.

After about 30 days of expiration, your domain will then go into a redemption period which can last up to 6 months depending on your domain name. During this period, nonrefundable fees will be added of up to $275 per domain name plus the renewal fee.

After the redemption period is over, your domain will go into deletion where you will lose ownership. This might be up to 6 months later without having access to your domain. Your domain will then be available for anyone to register to it.

If you (or someone else) is interested in your expired domain name, literally anyone can register it at this point.

  • Set up auto renewal so you are charged automatically.
  • Register for multiple years when you register a domain name.
If you do not find any emails regarding the expiration of your domain name, contact us immediately. You are responsible for keeping the account current.

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