HSPHERE: Configuring a Forward

To configure a forward, do the following:

   1. Click the forward. This will open its properties on the right:
   2. Configure forward properties:

 - <b>Local</b>: the local address your mail is forwarded from.
 - <b>Remote</b>: any local or external address your mail is forwarded to.
 - <b>Catch All</b>: if it's on, any email sent to a nonexistent account on your domain will be forwarded to the remote address(es).

Example: you have a forward from president@example.com pointing to webmaster@example.com. If you mark this forward as catch all, incoming mail will be forwarded to webmaster@example.com. If someone sends an email to support@example.com, which doesn't exist, this particular message will still arrive at webmaster@example.com. If this forward wasn't marked as catch all, this message would bounce back to the sender with an error notification.

- <b>Delete</b>: click the wastebasket icon to delete the forwarding rule.
- <b>Trouble Ticket</b>: send your technical administrator a Trouble Ticket to get assistance with the forwarding rule.

            Note: You can have a mailbox named, say, mailbox1@domain.com and then create a forward with exactly the same name, i.e. mailbox1@domain.com. However, in H-Sphere no mail sent to mailbox1@domain.com is stored in it. A forward works only as a foward.

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